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A radiographic procedure employing contrast substance to visualise the spinal column and its contents. See the Myelography web site for more information.

Element of the decreased gastrointestinal tract and the last Portion of the digestive method where drinking water is absorbed from food items subject and squander substance is passed with the rectum.

A measure on the proportions of Fats, connective tissue and breast tissue inside the breast. A dense breast incorporates a bigger level of ducts, glands, fibrous tissue and fewer Fats. When mammography is carried out, a lot of cancers is usually hard to see in sufferers with dense breast.

You will discover 3 hepatic veins: the best, middle, and still left hepatic veins drain blood from the liver again toward the guts.

A ballooning-from a section of artery due to sickness or weak spot in the vessel wall (known as an aneurysm) the largest artery in your body, the aorta.

A procedure to restore an aneurysm while in the abdominal aorta where a artificial tube called a stent graft is attached to the tip of the catheter, inserted by an artery in the leg and positioned inside the aneurysm and fastened in place with tiny hooks. endovascular therapy

An imaging examination from the pancreatic ducts. For x-ray pancreatography, the examination needs direct injection of contrast content in the pancreatic ducts.

The most typical cardiac nuclear drugs treatment, which results in imaging of blood-circulation patterns to the heart muscles.

Treatment of disease by means of chemical substances or drugs; usually used in reference to neoplastic (most cancers) sickness.

CAD is Laptop software package that may be made use of Sneak A Peek Their Product to spotlight suspicious features on an image and bring them to the attention from the radiologist.

A issue during which the thyroid gland does not develop ample thyroid hormone for the body's requires. Indicators contain weight get, Vitality loss, and dry pores and skin.

A blue coloration while in the lips, skin and fingernails because of lessened oxygen ranges from the blood.

An x-ray examination with the uterus and fallopian tubes performed after the injection of the distinction materials. hysteroscope

A minimally invasive course of action where a skinny needle or tube is inserted in to the abdomen to remove excessive fluid with the peritoneal cavity.

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